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Car Rims

Many people that own expensive or highly modified vehicles choose to add color-coordinated car rims as well. While chrome offers a highly-polished look, wheels that match the color of the vehicle offer a much more custom aesthetic. Many wheel manufacturers are offering new designs that can be customized to your exact color specifications.

A popular option for car rims is to have the rim itself match the color of the vehicle, and then use chromed spokes. This gives the wheel a two-tone color effect that can be quite striking. Black rims with colored spokes are another trend that is growing in popularity.

Creating custom colored car rims can be an expensive process, so if you decide to go this route be prepared to pay for it. However, if you have the time and patience, you can paint the wheels yourself for much less money. Unfortunately, more often than not the results will not look nearly as good as what comes from these wheel manufacturers.

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